Designed for Corporates
by Industry Professionals

We design training programs based on client needs by drawing on the experience of individuals who have worked in the corporate sector. We do not believe in using templatized, one-size fit all models.


What We Offer

We customize programs based on training needs.

  • Everyday conversation
  • Everyday conversation
  • Business Communication
  • Business Communication
  • Soft Skill Development(In English)
Soft Skill Modules
  • Learning & Development Manager (CLDM)
  • Business English Communication.
  • Faculty Development Program.
  • Language Learning Program.
  • Unpacking company strategy
  • Public speaking
  • Strategic meeting management
  • Personal branding
  • Upward management
  • Leadership and team management
  • Feedback delivery & radical candor
High level syllabus available upon request.
  • Digital skills bootcamp
  • Entrepreneurship bootcamp
  • Leadership coaching
  • Team outing facilitation
  • External speakers facilitation
We also create bespoke training modules for our clients. Reach out to us if keen.

Select engagements include:
Facilitation of a public speaking bootcamp for a large bank; customer service training for an IT company; language modules for a leading travel company.